Von Arx keeps growing and developing new products

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VonArx, founded in 1941 and the inventor of the Scarifier is turning 4 years under new ownership and keeps growing as global surface preparation equipment provider.  

In 2019 Von Arx transitioned from Switzerland to Plovdiv, Bulgaria and restarted with 9 enthusiastic team members under ownership of Fredrik Åkermark.  

Company have had a fast growth both organically, with Scarifiers and pneumatic needle scalers, but also thanks to successful launches of new products such as floor scrapers, LPG powered shavers, larger electrical shavers.

Today the company has over 30 employees and sales in 42 countries over the world. 

Thanks to customer focused business model with high service level, spare parts available and with professional distributors, VonArx has been able to further its market position as well as growing the addressable market for the scarification and shaving method of concrete floor preparation.
Also sales of pneumatic tools, to the maritime, oil & gas and off shore industry has developed fast since 2019 and it clear it is Von Arx high quality that is the reason for increased traction in this market

Popular Scarifier models like, FR 200, VA 30, VA 30 SH has been updated with lower vibrations, higher productivity and higher dust pick-up capabilities has been key to the high sales increase.  On top of that new shavers, DTF 35 electric, DTF 35 Propane and SC 20, 25, 35 floor scrapers has been added to the product offering and rapidly becoming high volume sellers.  

VonArx is now preparing for a new product line. Production start is planned to May 2023 and new assembly hall of 1400 m2 with capacity to produce 2500-3000 units a year is being prepared. 

Racking, assembly platforms and rigs is coming up and recruitment of assemble staff, production engineers and quality control engineers is ongoing. Von Arx belongs to Plovdiv’s most popular places to work and the professional and passioned staff looks forward to more team members.

If you are a distributor that wants sell VonArx products or if you are living in Plovdiv area and wants to work in a fantastic team- don’t hesitate to get in contact with VonArx EOOD.