About us

Von Arx has belonged to the market leaders for 80 years and we keep investing in developing equipment with the customer in focus. Our mission is to deliver equipment that is safe, ergonomic and user friendly. And to deliver True Quality since 1941 – for another 80 years.

You can trust Von Arx!

Our mission

Customer in Focus

During 80 years in business, we have collected tons of knowledge that we now base our operation and development around.

We are aware a Scarifier is somewhat a commodity product and that there are many, many cheap products on the market. But Von Arx does not want to participate in that market.

We want to focus on quality, performance, ergonomics and workers health because:

realizes that high quality pays off in terms of everyday efficiency and performance

knows that the biggest assets within the company is the staff and therefor choses equipment that has the best ergonomic and safety for the operator.

does not look at the investment of a piece of equipment as a single purchase but wants to make sure it is an investment for many years where service, support and spare parts always will be available.

Company history

Company VonArx founded
Mechanical Tube cleaning device
Sandblasting Tube cleaning device
Pneumatic needle scaler
Scarifier with Gasoline engine
Shaver DTF25 launched
Low vibration pneumatic tool
Scarifier VA30SH
VonArx acquired by Emerson Professional Tools
VonArx acquired by Fredrik Akermark and relocates to Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Our team

Management team
Fredrik Åkermark

Fredrik Åkermark

CEO/Owner, Export Sales Scandinavia, U.K, Asia, Middle East and North America

Lilya Ivanova

Liliya Ivanova

Site Manager

Sales & Marketing department

Antonio Napoli

Antonio Napoli

Export Manager Central & South Europe, South America

Mariya Pehlivanova

Mariya Pehlivanova

Inside Sales & Marketing Manager

Zlatka Hristozova

Zlatka Hristozova

Logistic Specialist

Petko Georgiev

Petko Georgiev

Marketing Specialist

R&D department
Maria Spasova

Mariya Spasova

R&D Manager

Georgi Aleksiev

Georgi Aleksiev

Design Engineer


Ivelin Tikyov

Design Engineer

Technical support

Georgi Stoyanov

Georgi Stoyanov

Service Manager

Tihomir Georgiev

Tihomir Georgiev

Purchase Specialist

Georgi Borisov

Georgi Borisov

Production Planner

Accounting & Finance
Petya Koleva

Petya Koleva

Accounting Manager

If you want any additional information, about the products or spare parts, please contact us and we will contact you back shortly.