Von Arx has belonged to the market leaders for 80 years

We keep investing in developing equipment with the customer in focus. Our mission is to deliver equipment that is safe, ergonomic and user friendly. And to deliver True Quality since 1941 – for another 80 years.

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  • Scarifiers-icon


    Ideal where paved surfaces need to be roughened, grooved, cleaned, or where layers need to be removed. The vibration absorption system and easy handling make the job more pleasant and efficient.

  • Shavers-icon


    With our shavers the surface is carefully „grinded off“ instead of chipping it away. These machines runs calmly and produces a smooth surface. They has a drum which is equipped with diamond blades. It removes the material very precise.

  • Scrapper-icon

    Floor scrapers

    The floor scraper machines are hand guided, self-propelled, motor driven power tools with oscillating stripper head which is designed to remove layers of flooring material. Its sharp blade or chisel is an effective tool for dislodging old flooring from the adhesive to leave a clean and smooth surface.

  • needle scalers-icon

    Needle scalers

    Quickly removes rust, glue, paint and/or welding slag. Essentially cleans uneven surfaces. The tool’s flexible needles can easily adapt to work on any surface, even those with projections. Available with 2, 3 or 4mm needles.

  • Chissel hammers icon

    Chisel hammers

    Ideal for removing carpet and plaster, scabbling natural stone, chiselling out joints and pointing masonry. You will always find the right Von Arx-Chisel Hammer to handle every job. Available with different chisels.

  • Pneumatic-scabbler icon

    Pneumatic scabblers

    Quickly removes laitance, projections, encrustation, scale deposits, colour, rust, smoothes roughening, etc. You will always find the right Von Arx-Pneumatic Scabbler to handle every job.

  • Dust_extractors_icon

    Dust extractors

    Robust and safe Dust Extractors designed to be connected to Scarfiers, Shavers, Grinders, and Saws. Equipped with H13 HEPA filters, JetPuls filter cleaning, Longopac collection system and high-quality suction hoses. Protect your staff and maximize your productivity by connecting your machine to VonArx Dust Extractors

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