VA 10 L

Working width 100mm

The VA 10 L is particularly designed for roughening and cleaning small areas and tight corners. It is therefore equipped with a swivel handgrip. Additionally, the machine is also designed to run with 230V household mains supply. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications.


FR 200

Working width 200mm

The FR 200 handles a variety of different jobs, from straight forward cleaning to the tricky removal of pavement markings. The compact size and the easy handling of the machine makes it ideal for carrying out precise work on small or medium surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The drum can be fitted with various types of cutters. It takes about 2 minutes to make the switch. Enabling the FR 200 to work fast on a variety of tasks. Available as gasoline or electric machine.

It is not allowed to run the side attachment unit at the same time as the main drum. (Only valid for 1.5 kW motor.)


VA 25 S

Working width 250mm

The VA 25 S is the machine of choice for medium up to large surfaces. Equipped with a vibration absorber and an infinite variable depth adjuster, the flexible VA 25 S offers the highest level of user comfort and efficiency. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications. Available as gasoline, or electric machine.


VA 30 S

Working width 300mm

Ideal where paved surfaces need to be roughened, grooved, cleaned, or where layers need to be removed. The VA 30 S‘ infinite variable depth adjuster allows to adapt perfectly to every surface. The vibration absorption system and easy handling make the job more pleasant and efficient. It allowes the VA 30 S to glide across the hardest challenge as a heavy duty surface preparation machine. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications.


VA 30 SH

Working width 300mm

The VA 30 SH with hydraulic traction is the best choice when heavy duty cleaning and roughening work is due. This machine owes its agility to hydraulic traction and is easy to use. It is ideal for cleaning large areas of concrete, removing concrete slurry, dirt, plastic or roughening smooth surfaces. It is also used for paint removal and rubber lining removal at airports. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications. The VA 30 SH is equipped with a variable depth adjuster and a vibration absorption system.

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