DTF 25 SH Working width 250mm:

With the DTF 25 SH the surface is carefully „grinded off“ instead of chipping it away. Thus the machine runs calmly and produces a smooth surface. The DTF 25 SH has a drum which is equipped with diamond blades. It removes the material very precise. For grooving or milling you can choose between two different diamond blades: one for rough and one for smooth surface preparation. For running the machine you must connect the water cooling system so the diamond blades do not overheat. The machine is available as a 11 kW electrical version with a hydraulic traction unit.

It is not allowed to run the side attachment unit at the same time as the main cylinder.

Type: DTF 25 SH with hydraulic tractionrschub


Technical Data

Article no. 708697


Weight: ca. 220 - 226 kg (484 - 497 lbs)
Electrical power: 3x 400V / 50Hz
Wattage: 11 kW

Working width: 250mm (10“)
Distance to wall: 105mm (4.2“)
Dimensions: 1150 x 480 x 1150mm (45 x 19 x 45“)
Standard cutters: without drum

Drum is beeing cooled with water

Type: SF DTF 25


Seitenfräser zu DTF 25 + + DTF 25 SH

+ DTF 25 SH


Technical Data

Article no. 707534


Seitenfräser zu DTF 25 + DTF 25 SH

Weight: ca. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Working width: 87mm (3.5“)
Distance to wall: 15mm (0.6“)
Dimensions: 320 x 215 x 200mm (13 x 8.5 x 8")

Drum is beeing cooled with water
The SF DTF 25 SH attachement unit, can be mounted on the Von Arx DTF 25 SH machine very easily in a couple of minutes

directional guide


Technical Data

Article no. 701235


The directional guide is particularly designed to be able to follow the given accurately.

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